Small tips to make English a habit

These are some small, but useful, tips to make English (or other language of your choice) a habit.

  • Word of the day: There are free services in the internet that offer a daily free word, sent by e-mail. An example is Transparent Language website.



  • In every search in Google, try to search it in English.
  • Write e-mails in English with some friends of yours. I started to do it months ago, and even now I write in English to some people.
  • Modify the settings of your computer and cell phone to English, instead of Portuguese.
  • Schedule lunch were Portuguese is forbidden.
  • If there are two books, the original in English and the translation in Portuguese, choose the first one.
  • Music in other language is a powerful way to learn new words and pronunciation. If it is too hard to understand, try children music, these are easier to comprehend.

The goal of these tips is to make English a habit, to think in English.



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