English as first language

This post is exceptionally written in english.
The japanese company Rakuten (http://global.rakuten.com/en/) is an online marketplace similar to Ali Express.
Rakuten uses English as the first language, instead of japanese, inside the company. Official documents, reports, e-mails, everything is written in english.
In the long term, this is great for the company, because it increases the workers proficiency in english and facilitates business with the rest of the world. It is also good for workers, because they will develop this important skill in an increasingly connected world.
But, of course, in the short term Rakuten faced a lot of problems and resistance. Take a look on their challenges:


In Brazil

In Brazil, for large companies, I believe something similar is impossible. The illiteracy in english is the rule in Brazil.
But we can try this with our friends and people we know can understand english. We can communicate with them only in english, at least in e-mails.



 Try this. From now on, for at least one year, select some friends and close colleagues and use only english in the communication with them. It is a worth exercise.
Arnaldo Gunzi

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