Do you know about Toastsmaster?

It is a high quality club, to improve skills on presentation and leadership.

I’ve just attended a Toastmasters meeting. I am impressed! Very impressed!

It was at Vila Olímpia’s club, an English speaking meeting.

I saw almost perfect speeches of the members, regarding every aspect of a good presentation: posture, body language, grammar, voice, energy.

Time was controled by three lights (green, yellow, red) – it’s a good idea to copy.

The meeting was very well organized, and each member assumes a different role per meeting. Besides speeches, other goal is to develop leaders.

It is a club, so the own members are the ones responsible for the organization and feedbacks.

For the newbies like me, there are some development paths and a mentor.

The idea is to learning practicing, to achieve higher levels of quality. I highly recommend my friends to join a quality club like ToastMasters!

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