Guten Tag, Hannover!

I’m attending the #hannovermesse2022, in Germany. It is the most important industrial fair of the world, with more than 5.000 expositors and 200.000 visitants from all around the world, including we, from Brazil.

Some technological trends and curiosities:

– Every year there is a partner country. This year is Portugal

#iot is not only sensors anymore. Current solutions integrate sensors, transmission, data storage in cloud, also training algorithms, in order to have an almost plug and play solution

– Energy and #sustainability continue to be very hot topics, and Germany takes if very seriously. In the route between Frankfurt and Hannover, I saw at least a dozen wind turbines, for example

– A closed loop of information is a trend: seamless integration of several internal and external sources of information, to facilitate data mining and insights. Also, integration of information along the supply chain

– The noble area of #operationsresearch is also present: Google showed a case of optimization of data centers. Modern data centers are estimated to consume around 1,8% of the energy of the world. There are huge fluctuations in the demand and also in weather conditions, affecting costs and sustainability. Using OR techniques, they’re able to double the energy efficiency of their data centers.

– Hannover is a wonderful city, with a mix of green areas, modern city and historical architecture. With less than 1 million inhabitants, it has a fairly good structure of trains, easy even for tourists like us.

Danke, Hannover!

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